All About Car Insurance

Shopping around for car insurance is easier now then ever before. Come to one site to compare rates from top carriers across the United States – and while you're here, learn all about the different types of policies in order to make a smart purchase when the time comes.

Cheap Car Insurance: Valuable Money-Saving Tips

Of course you are looking to save money on your automobile policy. Who isn't? With so many ways to compare pricing and so much competition in the market today, there really isn't any excuse for paying any more than you have to to buy a basic insurance package for your car, truck... Read More

Liability Insurance Requirements By State

All states require their drivers to carry liability policies to protect themselves against law suits and cover damages if they are at fault in a collision, and the result is an injured person or destroyed property. However, different states have different requirements, and some even operate using... Read More

Car Insurance for Women

Women may be the butt of a lot of jokes about “bad drivers” and “danger on the roads,” wherein men make fun of them for applying makeup in their rear-view mirrors, texting or talking on their phones, and otherwise being distracted behind the wheel. However, insurance companies seem to... Read More

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