The Best Cars to Insure Today (and the Worst)

Is your car at the top of the good list? If it is, congratulations! You will enjoy the benefits of cheaper auto coverage. If your car isn't listed, that's okay. You can look over the list now and be ready to choose a more affordable vehicle the next time you buy.

The Best of the Best

If you are in the market for a new (or new-to-you) ride, consider that the following types are the cheapest to insure. This means that liability, comprehensive, and collision policies all cost less than they do for other vehicles of a similar age and condition.

  • Sedans. One of the least expensive vehicle types to insure is the four-door sedan. These are typically viewed as reliable cars that are driven by responsible individuals. They are not flashy or fancy, not capable of extreme speeds, and are often used as a means of transportation between work or school and home. Sedans are also fairly easy to come by, and require no specialty tools or parts for repairs, which means that they are not exceptionally expensive to repair if needed.
  • Minivans. Also seen as family cars that are not used at excessive speeds or in reckless situations, minivans are cheap to insure. They are big enough to provide good protection in the event of a collision, but they are not so big that they would inflict major damage on another automobile. Small vans are also not often targeted for theft or vandalism, reducing comprehensive premiums for their owners.
  • Station Wagons. Have you noticed the trend? Station wagons, like other non-flashy family autos, are also inexpensive to cover with liability, collision, and comprehensive policies. For the same reasons that sedans and minivans are cheap, so are these. Repairs are affordable, damages caused by them are minimal, and carriers can make a safe bet that they are usually driven in a more mature and responsible manner than sportier rides.
  • Antique Cars. Unlike sedans, minivans, and station wagons, vintage vehicles are difficult and expensive to repair - and they are often extremely valuable. So how do they manage to make it onto the list of cheap cars to insure? Carriers who specialize in classic or muscle cars understand the ways in which these automobiles are typically used, as showpieces and for their owner's prized possessions. As such, they are kept in secure garages, taken out for shows and driven a limited number of miles each year, often to and from exhibits or for pleasure on weekends and holidays. Low milage and high quality care are two factors that allow carriers to lower their rates.

The Worst of the Worst

These are the ones to avoid! They are more expensive to repair, replace, and otherwise insure, and so carriers must charge higher premiums to customers who drive these cars, trucks, and SUVs. In most cases, these vehicles are the opposite of the affordable ones above - they are large and capable of inflicting major damage on other vehicles, and they are also expensive to repair. Unless you need one for business or because of the weather conditions in your area - or because you simply cannot resist the feeling of driving one - we highly recommend that you consider a ride that doesn't appear on this list!

  • Sports Cars
  • Large SUVs
  • Pick-up Trucks
  • Imports

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