Recreational Vehicle Insurance

There are many different types of RVs, all of which can be expensive and all of which benefit from being insured under a good policy. We can help you find affordable coverage for your:

  • Motor Homes / Travel Trailers / 5th Wheel Trailers
  • ATVs
  • Motorcycles / Dirt Bikes
  • Jet Skis
  • Snowmobiles
  • Boats

Your Motor Home

If you have decided to purchase a motorized camper, instead of a travel trailer or 5th wheel trailer, insurance is not an option. Like your car, truck, or SUV, your motor home will have to have a liability policy in place in case you are ever at fault in accident while driving it. In addition to basic liability, you will most likely want your Class A, Class B, or Class C motorized RV protected with both collision and comprehensive. Chances are, this was a big purchase for you, and you cannot afford to just replace it if you are at fault in an accident or the victim of vandalism, theft, or a natural disaster. While these policies can be costly, they are nothing compared to the losses you could face if you didn't bother with them.

Your Travel Trailer or 5th Wheel

While any liability you have from damages caused by your trailer should be covered by the auto policy on the truck that was towing it at the time, there are many good reasons to keep additional RV insurance on it. For one thing, liability is not always covered. It usually is, but you will want to check with your carrier before towing anything.

Beyond that, your homeowners insurance and auto policies will not cover loss or damage to your travel trailer or 5th wheel if you are at-fault in a collision or if the damage is caused by an act of nature, vandalism, or theft. These RVs are very expensive and need to be protected appropriately, especially if they are new or you are new at driving with them. Inexperienced towing can quickly lead to dings and more major damages.

Additionally, specialized recreational vehicle coverage usually supports on-road assistance, emergency assistance, towing, and potentially, full-timer support if warranted. Your trailer can give you years and years of vacations and fun with your family, so make sure to protect your investment.

Your Boat

Boating can be a dangerous hobby, and insurance for your boat is a must. Obviously, you want to protect yourself from financial liability and lawsuits if you are at fault in a boating accident that injures someone or damages their property, but you also want to make sure that your boat is protected against other sailors, storms, hurricanes, vandalism, and theft. That's why you should maintain a comprehensive and collision policy on it, in addition to the liability coverage you need in order to operate in public or private waters.

Your Other Recreational Vehicles

If you own a three-wheeler, quad, dirt bike, jet ski, snowmobile or other motorized vehicle for recreational use, your insurance requirements will vary depending on several factors. If it is new and has an outstanding loan (or even older with a loan payment remaining), chances are you will be required to obtain coverage for it before taking it home. The company financing your loan wants to make sure that they will be reimbursed if your new toy is damaged or destroyed in an accident or by other means. Whether or not you maintain coverage on it will depend how you intend to use it, if you can afford to replace it, and where you will be riding.

Affordable Coverage in Multiples

In many cases, insuring your recreational vehicles along with your automobile can earn you valuable savings. Carriers like to reward customer loyalty by offering up better deals for multiple items, and some will even offer home owner's or life insurance so that you can do all your business with one company. The best way to find out about these deals is the shop around, and use a service like ours to compare quotes to get the best rates.

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