Car Insurance for Women

Women may be the butt of a lot of jokes about "bad drivers" and "danger on the roads," wherein men make fun of them for applying makeup in their rear-view mirrors, texting or talking on their phones, and otherwise being distracted behind the wheel. However, insurance companies seem to disagree with these silly stereotypes, siding with women as far as low rates and discounted premiums are concerned. In fact, young males especially can expect to pay far more for auto policies than their female counterparts.

Why are carriers bucking the stereotypes?

Overall, insurers use statistical analysis to determine whether or not a prospective customer will pose a risk to their bottom line. They evaluate numerous factors, examine data, and otherwise attempt to turn the driver they are considering into a number: how likely it is that this person will be at fault in an accident while covered under one of our policies? In this evaluation, females come out on top in several ways.

  1. They cause less damage - Statistically, although women get into about as many accidents as men, the accidents that they do cause are much less likely to do serious damage - to people or to other vehicles. This may be the case for several reasons, including the idea that women are traditionally more likely to be the ones running their children between school, home, and extra-curricular activities and therefore, tend to drive in neighborhoods and low-traffic areas while more men are commuting on highways at greater speeds and in more traffic. Regardless, insurance carriers figure that even if the woman they cover causes a collision, her average accident will not cost as much to repair as an average man's.
  2. They pick safer automobiles - Men are likely to gravitate toward new sporty cars and large trucks, whereas women are more likely to buy more responsible sedans, minivans, and small SUVs. Of course, if a lady chooses a sports car, she is going to have to pay the appropriate premiums on it, but as long as she chooses something more sedate, she will reap the rewards.
  3. They are more cautious - Naturally, this is not true of all women - nothing in this article is going to apply to every single female-bodied person in the world. However, statistically speaking, female drivers exercise more caution when it comes to speeding, reckless driving, and other bad habits that can quickly lead to moving violations or worse, collisions. After all, how often do you hear about a girl deciding to drag race her friends down the main strip of town, late at night?

What about Discrimination?

If you are wondering how insurance companies can get away with charging different - and even, unfavorable - rates for one driver based on his or her sex, you aren't alone. This is a fairly common question from motorists who are looking to get a fair deal on their automotive policies.

Unfortunately for males, insurers are within their legal rights to use statistics to guide their rates, and statistically, young men simply pose a bigger risk than young women. However, it should help somewhat to know that by the time a man is 30 years old, his rates will finally line up equally with his female friends', as long as he has maintained a record of safe driving. When he marries, too, the rates will decline dramatically. Remember, it's nothing personal. Rates are based on the facts, and nothing but the facts.

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